Latest Fuel Theft Shows True Nature of TPLF: Tigray Democratic Party Founder


Addis Ababa August 30/2022/ENA/ The latest theft of 570,000 liters of fuel by TPLF is the continuation of its well-established practice, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) founder and advisor Gidey Zeratsion said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, he noted that the terrorist group has been well known for chasing its sole interest and causing the suffering of the people of Tigray in particular.

Stating that the latest attacks show the terrorist group has clearly pushed aside the peace alternative extended by the government and imposed on the Tigray people one more round of bloodshed.

Even if the government has been exerting maximum efforts to address humanitarian aid for Tigray people, the terrorist group is using the aid for itself and its combatants.

As a result, its lie that "the people of Tigray have been denied fuel and food" has been exposed, he explained.

Elaborating on the fact that with its historical background and experience, the group clearly cannot believe in peace and negotiation, Gidey said the terrorist group prioritizes war and conspiracy as first options.   

The founder and advisor of TDP finally urged the Tigray youth to fight against the terrorist TPLF to end such prolonged sufferings as the group is working to meet the mission of Ethiopia’s historical enemies.

Ethiopian News Agency