Army Ready To Safeguard Nat'l Interest Respecting Peace Options: Ministry of Defense


Addis Ababa August 29/2022 /ENA/The National Army is ready to safeguard the national interest and peace of the people while respecting the peace options set by the Federal Government, the Ministry of the Defense said.

Military Attaché residing in Addis Ababa were briefed today about the current security situations in Ethiopia.

Foreign Relations and Military Cooperation Director General at the ministry Defense, Major General, Teshome Gemechu said the government has been continuously calling for a peaceful solution to the problems that have arisen in the country.

The Defense forces strictly follows the peace option the government has put in place, General Teshome said, adding that the army is ready to maintain the national interest of the country and the peace of the people.

It is to be recalled that the government has recently demonstrated its commitment to unconditionally resolving the conflict in northern Ethiopia through peace option under the auspices of the African Union.

Major General Teshome further stated that the terrorist TPLF, having ignored government's call for peace option, launched attacks on Rama, Zoble, Bisobar Wotwot  directions.

In line with  the peace options set by the government, defense forces are taking counter-offensive measures on all fronts of  the terrorist's offensive, General Teshome added.

"We do not want to violate any international law. As military institution, we cannot take any stance which will contradict with the position of the government. However, safeguarding  the wellbeing of our people and the national interest of the country will not be compromised. This is our duty and responsibility."  

Furthermore, the terrorist group's false propagandists are spreading baseless information as if the government had launched offensive first just to confuse the international community, General Teshome eloborated.

He also urged the international community to push terrorist group to stop its war and come to the peace talks.

The general noted that the international community should be aware that the government is still open for peace talks.

Representative of the Defense Attaché at Austria embassy, Johann Jamnig said such briefings  was helpful for us to get a wide understanding about the ongoing security situation in the country..

“The briefing is a good opportunity for us for the international community to hear official assessment from the national defense force so that we do not have to rely on media reports. It is really grateful for getting this opportunity,” he stated.  

Representative of Defense Attaché at Germany embassy, Thomas Reiberling on his part said “it was a very interesting briefing which contributed for us to understand the situation in Ethiopia. I hope that peace and stability will come back very soon in this wonderful country with its wonderful people.”

Ethiopian News Agency