TPLF's Choice of War Instead of Peace Proves Its Warmongering Behavior, Age-Old Dream of Dismantling Ethiopia: Scholars


Addis Ababa August 29/2022 /ENA/ The terrorist TPLF's use of war as an option instead of taking advantage of the government's call for peace exposes the true behavior of the group and its age-old dream of dismantling the country, Scholars of Political Science and International Relations underlined.

It is to be recalled that the federal government has made several attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict in Tigray Region by declaring unilateral humanitarian truce, lifting of state of emergency, halting the advance of its troops to the regional capital Mekelle, releasing detainees suspected of being affiliated with the TPLF, and taking other confidence building measures.

However, TPLF has continued its large-scale attacks on civilians, sending youth in large numbers to bordering communities by abandoning the peace option proposed by the Ethiopian government.

Political Science and International Studies lecturer at Hawassa University Assistant Professor Awel Ali said that TPLF is a terrorist group that prioritizes war over peace, adding that it is a group of gangs that have been plotting against Ethiopia.

Awel stated that the terrorist TPLF group from its inception to the time it came to power and the years it led the country, the behavior and its previous history has proved that the group can’t survive without a war.

The group has still been committing hostility, destruction of properties and crimes against the people of Ethiopia, he noted, adding that "despite the efforts of government for peace option without any preconditions, the terrorist TPLF does not understand the meaning of peace.”

The scholar commended the efforts being exerted by the government of Ethiopia for peace though on the contrary the terrorist TPLF has been preferring war to accepting peace talks.

TPLF has been choosing war as the only way to escape from responsibility as it realizes that it will be held responsible for the crimes it has committed so far, he underscored.

Lecturer of Management from the same university, Professor Birhanu Borji on his part praised the efforts of the government for giving priority to peace for the wellbeing of the people and national security of the country.

The TPLF has been preparing and waging war by putting preconditions and pretexts for refusing to accept the call for peace, he added.

He further pointed out that the terrorist TPLF has been forcefully conscripting the youth in Tigray and using children as cannon fodder.  

Ethiopian News Agency