Outside Support Cause of TPLF's Resumption of War: American Analyst for Africa

Addis Ababa August 27/2022 /ENA/ Terrorist TPLF waged the ongoing war because of outside signal of support coming from the region and internationally, the American political-economic analyst for Africa Lawrence Freeman said.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF launched offensive on the eastern front at Bisober, Zobel, and Tekulesh for another round of devastating war.

Approached by ENA, Lawrence Freeman said TPLF would not be so bold to launch a new round of war unless the group has some kind of signal of support coming from outside Ethiopia. 

There is outside support coming from the region and internationally as well as signals by these external factors to the rebel group to launch offensive, he added.  

The analyst is also convinced that there are conversations going on with the TPLF to permanently destabilize Ethiopia.

“I am convinced 100 percent that the TPLF leaders would not be so bold to launch a new round of warfare which they're going to lose and result in more destruction. They would not launch this effort. They have some kind of signal of support coming from outside Ethiopia, and this is very dangerous,” Freeman elaborated.

The analyst called on nations who claim to support democracy in Africa to come out now and clearly and vocally denounce any war on the elected government of Ethiopia. “In fact they're not doing that, which is very troubling and suspicious to me.” 

Explaining  the support of  outsiders  to TPLF, Freeman said that there was a plane traveling into Tigray which was not authorized by Ethiopian  airspace.

The plane transporting weapons to the terrorist TPLF is the property of Ethiopia’s historical enemies and was shot down by the heroic Air Force for violating the country’s air space.

For Freeman, this clearly indicates that there is a desire of outside forces encouraging TPLF to continue the conflict intended to weaken the central government of Ethiopia.

“I do know that you wouldn’t have  a resumption of armed conflict unless the TPLF believes and has substantial basis for this belief that they would get support from their actions. I don't believe they would take this kind of aggressive action which will be defeated unless they had a strong indication of support from outside Ethiopia.”

The motives are essentially in the long term making sure that Ethiopia is weakened and destabilized by ethnicity, the analyst underscored. 

The destabilization efforts against Ethiopia have a geopolitical aim and there are forces that  want a government they can manipulate and take orders from.  
“They don't believe that Ethiopia should be one united nation, and they support ethnicity and the activities either directly or indirectly of the TPLF to launch and continue its war to weaken the Government of Ethiopia,” Freeman noted.

The analyst also called on the international community and nation states of the world to come out and call for the disarming of the TPLF.

“The larger question is why the TPLF is still armed. This is a dangerous situation and unacceptable to any nation state for allowing a rebel group like TPLF to attack the national government.”

He insisted that nations of the world should come in and support the elected government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed by saying, “we will not tolerate armed rebel groups attacking an elected government!”

Ethiopian News Agency