House Orders Holding of Referendum for Establishment of New Region in SNNP


Addis Ababa August 18/2022/ENA/ The House of Federation has given green light for 6 zones and 5 woredas that were under the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region (SNNPR) to hold a referendum and establish a new region, if supported by the inhabitants.

The other zones and a special woreda, namely Hadiya Zone, Hallaba Zone, Kenbata Tenbaro Zone, Gurage Zone, Silte Zone and Yem Special Woreda, would remain in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, it further decided.

In its extraordinary meeting held today, the House passed the decision with a majority vote in support of the formation of the new South Ethiopia region and the remaining of the stated zones and special woreda with their former region, the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region.

It also instructed the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to conduct referendum within three months.

Following the request of  the 6 zones and 5 special woredas, namely Gedo, Wolaita, Gamo, Gofa, Konso, South Omo zones and Burji, Amaro, Derashe, Basketo, and Alele special woredas, the standing committee discussed the request with all concerned parties starting from the leadership to the kebele level, it was learned.  

The Identity, Administrative Border and Peace Development Standing Committee has also been assessing the request in light of constitutional principles and the federal system in order to ensure the fair share of the respective people.

The standing committee urged leaderships at all levels and security entities to provide all the necessary supports for the finalization of the referendum peacefully and democratically.

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House of Federation Speaker Agegnehu Teshager stressed during the meeting that the referendum has to be finalized as quickly as possible so as to fully focus on developmental activities in the areas.

Ethiopian News Agency