GERD Created About 70 Islands that Are Great Gifts to Entire World: PM Abiy


Addis Ababa August 12/2022/ENA/ The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has created about 70 islands, and this is a great gift not only for Ethiopia but also to the entire world, Prime Minster Abiy said today.

He also announced the successful completion of the third filling of the dam.  

Speaking on the occasion, Abiy said around 70 islands were created during the construction of GERD. Over 40 of the islands are located on around 10 hectares of land each while some have 800 and 2000 hectares and as the lowest Island has 5 hectares of land.

Stating that Abbay is a gift not only for Ethiopia but also to the entire world, the premier said people around the world will now have the opportunity to come and spend their time visiting the grand dam and about 70 islands surrounding it.  

Besides, there are fishes that weigh up to 70 to 80 kilograms each, he revealed, adding that the surrounding is endowed with mountains and greenery areas which can be used for various recreational services.  

“This is a great gift that enables the rest of the world to have good time,” he noted.

Furthermore, the premier congratulated all Africans as the continent is the other economic beneficiary of the GERD.

Africa has been striving for economic integration over the years and energy is one of the key factors for the realization of economic integration which is selling energy for neighboring countries and beyond as it creates the opportunity for growing and prospering together, he pointed out.

PM Abiy further underscored that Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan can utilize their share fairly and benefit other African brothers and sisters in addition to responding to their own demands.

According to him, Ethiopia is working to ensure the benefits of the lower basin countries.“Abbay River takes what it deserves while passing on what others deserve.”

Ethiopian News Agency