Somali Region Leadership, People Vow to Enhance Role in Eliminating Al-Shabab

Addis Ababa August 8/2022 /ENA/ The Somali Regional state leadership and the people have expressed readiness to consolidate their readiness in destroying the terrorist Al-Shaba group.

Leaders of the region have held discussion with residents of Adelle Woreda in Shebelle Zone about current national and regional issues.

Adelle  is one of the woredas attacked by the terrorist group along the Ethiopia-Somalia border.

The heroic deeds of the National Defense Force, Somali region security forces, and the public in annihilating the Al-Shabab group was lauded at the discussion.

The government and the public have also been urged to prevent the group's terroristic attacks that took place in some neighboring from occurring in Ethiopia.  

Regional Disaster Risk Management Deputy Head, Abdulkadir Kelif said on the occasion that the people of Somali region had played huge role in providing information, financial and moral support during the elimination process.

The public have continued their collaboration with the security forces in protecting the territorial integrity of the nation and security and stability of the region, he added.

Adelle Woreda Chief Administrator, Hussien Abdi said the inhabitants of the woreda have been exerting maximum effort to wipe out the terrorist group.

Ethiopian News Agency