Ethiopia Needs to Exert Efforts to Exploit Potentials of Halal Food & Tourism Industry: Stakeholders


Addis Ababa August 8/2022/ENA/ Stakeholders stressed the need for Ethiopia to exploit the potentials Halal food and tourism industry as the country has geographical proximity and potential advantage to the growing demands of the industry in the Arab world.

The first Halal and Tourism Expo opened in Addis Ababa today in the presence Ministers and other senior officials, members of the diaspora, religious leaders and stakeholders.

The fundamentals of halal food and tourism is based on protecting consumers from any harm that violates religious principles.  

Opening the expo, Agriculture Minister Oumer Hussien said the expo is of paramount importance in showcasing Ethiopia’s immense potential in the halal industry sector.

The overall halal spending currently said to reach beyond four trillion USD, the minister noted, stressing that the geographical proximity of Ethiopia to the Middle East and the Arab world will enable the country to be leading participant in the industry.

Ethiopia is known for a huge availability of livestock resource in the world and it has a very great potential to penetrate the Middle East market in meat and other agricultural export products, he pointed out.

Minister of Tourism Ambassador Nasise Challi said the potential of Ethiopia in terms of benefiting from Halal tourism is astonishingly significant.

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Halal industry is crucial to Ethiopia to promote the tourism industry of Ethiopia to the Arab World since there are enormous Islamic historical tourism sites in the country, she added.

The private sector need to play a crucial role to promote the engagement of Ethiopia in the market of Halal industry, she noted, adding that the ministry will closely work with pertinent stakeholders and private sectors to exploit the country’s potential in Halal industry.

Foreign Affairs State Minister Birtukan Ayano on her part reiterated that Ethiopia has unique place in Islamic religion noting that Halal industry will help to promote Islamic tourism attraction sites of Ethiopia to the Middle East and to exploit its immense potential in the sector.

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Furthermore, Ethiopia can benefit from trillions of dollars of the global Halal market especially from export market and halal tourism, she noted.

The three day long Expo displays products of food, beverages, tourism, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, among others products to show the potentials of Ethiopia in the industry.

Ethiopian News Agency