Residents of Gode Town Laud Measures Taken Against Al-Shabab by NDF, Somali Special Force


Addis Ababa August 7/2022 /ENA/Residents of the Gode town expressed their delight in the action taken by the National Defense Force (NDF) and Somali Special Force against Al-shabab.

It is to be recalled that terrorist Al-Shabab group which tried to infiltrate through Eastern Ethiopia has been successfully thwarted by the joint efforts of the security forces.

Residents of the town told ENA that they are delight in the action taken by the security forces of Ethiopia against the terrorist Al-shabab.

They added that both are working in close cooperation to maintain sustainable peace in the area.

The residents said the security forces have destroyed the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and safeguarded the national sovereignty of the country, allowing them to continue their peaceful lives without fear.

They further pointed out that the security command post has once again confirmed that al-Shabab cannot realize its wishful thinking of destabilizing Ethiopia.

Residents of Gode, Abdi Hussein and Danawit Haile said that the repeated attempts of Al-Shabab to destabilize Ethiopia will never succeed in the presence of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

We are proud of the security command post’s measure against al-Shabab; they expressed, and added that it has maintained the peace and stability of citizens.

Youth and the entire community are working in collaboration with security forces to ensure peace in Gode, they added.

Yusuf Mohammed, Wegen Geleta and Tesfaye Berhanu stated that the action taken by the security command post against the terrorist group has thwarted the group's evil intentions.

Due to the measures taken by the security command post against Al-Shebaab, citizens have now been able to undertake their normal lives peacefully without any fear, the residents said.  

They reiterated to further strengthen the logistical support for the security force besides actively engaging in protecting their localities by exchanging  information with the security forces.

Gode Town administration Security Head, Hashi Abdi for his part said the residents have been providing huge amount of support to the security forces that had destroyed the terrorist group.

The active involvement of the residents in guarding their peace will help prevent Al-Shabaab from repeating its evil acts in Ethiopia that it has been carrying out in neighboring Somalia, he added.

Ethiopian News Agency