Military Operations against al-Shabab, Shene Effective: Government Communication Service


The coordinated operations taken against internal and external terrorist groups by the Ethiopian security forces have been remarkably successful, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).

Briefing journalists today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa said the security forces have proved effective in thrashing the terrorists al-Shabab and Shene.

The coordinated military operation against Shene in Oromia took place from July 23-29, 2022 by  the National Defense Force and the regional special police, she added.

The security forces have eliminated more than 333 Shene combatants, detained 671 members of the group, and destroyed 69 weapon and food warehouses in the week, the state minister disclosed.

It is to be recalled that the temporary command post disclosed that more than 800 al-Shabab combatants, including 24 leaders of the group, were killed.   

According to her, the security forces of Ethiopia and Somalia have also been conducting coordinated military action against al-Shabab.

Operations of the neighbors to annihilate their common enemy is encouraging, it was noted.

With respect to humanitarian assistance, Selamawit revealed that the government provided support for more than 3 million drought-affected people in Oromia.

Partners and the government have also provided humanitarian assistance to affected people in Somali and SNNP regions.

The government also allows unfettered humanitarian assistance to Tigray region where over 4,300 trucks entered the region. Partners can in addition provide humanitarian assistance to the needy by air or on land.

More than 1,081,000 liters of fuel have similarly been transported to the region in the past 3 months, she stated.  

However, the government is dismayed by the indulgence of the delegation of the U.S. and European envoys who visited Tigray Region in echoing the terrorist TPLF’s untrue rhetoric, the state minister underscored.

The claim that humanitarian assistance is not reaching Tigray is false as the federal government allowed unfettered humanitarian assistance.

Moreover, Selamawit attributed Ethiopia’s average economic growth of 7.3 percent in the past 4 years to mainly the economic reform, but stressed the need for reducing inflation.

She further stated that Ethiopia has planted 6.2 billion tree saplings up until now in this rainy season, and over 23.4 billion are planted in the past years.

Ethiopian News Agency