PM Says Ethiopia Achieved Better Performance in Macroeconomic Indicators


Addis Ababa August 3/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia has registered better performance in most of the macroeconomic indicators of the just-ended Ethiopian fiscal year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

The macroeconomic committee reviewed today the major economic performance of the year and set directions for the upcoming budget year in the presence of the premier.

He said the effort to register much better performance in all sectors would continue by expanding on this good beginning.

“Our macroeconomic committee meeting today has confirmed the remarkable export performance this past year --- better FDI flow, decrease in inflation in the past two months, optimal green legacy, volunteer activities, remittance and automation performance,” the PM twitted.

“It is key that we build and expand on this year’s achievements,” he added.

Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa presented the economic performance report of the just ended fiscal year.

In her report, she pointed out that the performance in the last fiscal year is better in many aspects, particularly in the export sector.

She said over 4.1 billion USD was earned from the export sector in the stated year, adding that “the export sector has contributed significantly to the growth of the macro economy.”

The minister further noted that Ethiopia has secured over 5 billion USD in remittance during the year describing the achievement as remarkable.

Fitsum also mentioned that better performance was achieved in job creation as some 2.3 million citizens have got job opportunities in the concluded fiscal year.

However, she is convinced that inflation still continues to be a challenge for the macro economy.  

The minster stated that the government will continue its efforts to register better economic performances in all sectors in the current fiscal year.

Ethiopian News Agency