Ethiopia to Grow Its Global Coffee Market share to 1.26 million MT by 2033: Ambassador


Addis Ababa August 1/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia has been working to raise its coffee global share to 1.26 million Metric Tons (MT) by 2033.

In its press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia participated in the Coffee Tasting Program organized by the International Trade Centre /ITC/ in Geneva, Switzerland.

In his opening keynote speech, Ethiopia's Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission  to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva said that  the government  of Ethiopia is working hard to boost  the coffee export and  its global market share to grow to 1.26 million MT by 2033.

The government has envisioned: "to address the dire challenges and to increase Ethiopia’s coffee export to 4.6 billion USD within 15 years, to increase the farmers’ income to reach to 3.5 billion USD and generate employment opportunity for 2.7 million people and its global market share to grow to 1.26 million MT by 2033.”

Ambassador Zenebe pointed out the historical origin of coffee, the unique attachment of Ethiopians to coffee, Ethiopia’s geographical ideal location for coffee production, coffee’s role in Ethiopian culture and social fabrics.

He also thanked ITC for its continued commitment and support of Ethiopia through several projects and creation of opportunities.

He added that coffee has significant contribution to the country’s economy, protecting the country’s forests and woodlands diversity as well as the government’s comprehensive strategy to boost the coffee sector.

As Ethiopia is in the process of acceding to the WTO, he requested the ITC to continue its all rounded technical and project-based support for the prompt completion of the country’s accession process.

At event, Ethiopian coffee entire ceremony was presented and served to the audiences.

The Coffee Tasting Program was attended by Ms. Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of ITC, Mr. Marcel Vernooij, Deputy Permanent Representative of The Netherlands to WTO /Head Economic & Development unit in Geneva, Ambassadors, Diplomats, and other dignitaries.

Ethiopian News Agency