Diaspora Engagement Pathway to Ethiopia's Development: Ethiopian Diaspora Service


Addis Ababa July 30/2022/ENA/ Engagement of the diaspora is one of the pathways of development in Ethiopia, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Service.

Ethiopian Diaspora Service Deputy Director-General, Mohammed Edris told ENA that the diaspora has been active in defending Ethiopia’s national interest at international stages.

As the Ethiopian Diaspora Service is mandated to harmonize relations between the diaspora  and government institutions, we call on the diaspora to engage more in national affairs, he added.

According to him,  the knowledge and experiences the diaspora has accumulated over the years is very useful to our country not only for investment and economic development but also for the National Dialogue and internal cohesion.

Citing the growth of remittance to over 4.2 billion USD in the concluded Ethiopian budget year, Mohammed called on the diaspora to contribute more to the economy.

The diaspora is not only an important source of hard currency through remittances but also in investment, he noted.

The Ethiopian Diaspora have launched 1,800 projects with over 96 billion Birr,  it was learned. The diaspora is mainly engaged in agriculture, industry and tourism sectors.

The deputy director-general further has called on the diaspora to actively engage in the National Dialogue.

Ethiopian News Agency