Al-Shabaab Propaganda Chief and Two Other Leaders Killed

Addis Ababa July 30/2022/ENA/ The terrorist Al-Shabaab Propaganda Chief, Fu’ad Muhammad Keleif (Shengole), and two other top leaders of the group are killed, the National Defense Force isclosed.

National Defense Force Deployment Head and Acting Security Command Post Coordinator, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA that weapons and supply depots of the terrorist group were destroyed in an operation carried out in collaboration with the Ethiopian Air Force.

Furthermore, leaders and militants of the terrorist Al-Shabaab were also killed during the operation, he added.

Among the top Al-Shabab commanders who were killed included Fu’ad Muhammad Keleif (Shengole), Al-Shabab's Propaganda Chief, Abdulaziz Abu Musa, Spokesperson of the group and Ubeda Nur Isse, Head of Al-Shabaab's Bokol Zone and the Ethiopian borders.

Major General Tesfaye said on Friday that the terrorist Al-Shabab group, which tried to infiltrate through Eastern Ethiopia, has again suffered humiliating defeat and retreated.  

It is to be recalled the coordinator had revealed that the attempt of the terrorist Al-Shabab group, which tried to enter the country through five border areas few days ago, was fully thwarted by the security force.

Ethiopian News Agency