Commission Ready to Create Conditions for Diaspora to Contribute to National Dialogue


Addis Ababa July 29/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission announced that it is ready to create favorable conditions for the Diaspora to play their role in the success of the national dialogue.

National Dialogue Deputy Commissioner Yonas Adaye said the diaspora is making significant contributions in national issues.  

They have, for instance, made huge contribution in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and other crucial issues of national concern, he added.

The National Dialogue Commission is ready to facilitate ways to enable the diaspora repeat these contributions in the national dialogue, the deputy commissioner stated.

"We will directly contact them and enable them to participate in the process because they are the engine of our country, " Yonas said, adding that the commission is ready to facilitate conditions that help them repeat the contributions they made to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and 'No More Movement'."  

According to him, the commission has completed its preliminary preparation and reached the  final phase.

The National Dialogue Commission has prepared a strategic plan that enables it to to get inputs from the public, and it will enter the implementation phase on completion of the latter, he added.

The House of People's Representatives set up the commission realizing that the failure to resolve differences of opinion and disagreements through discussion will create obstacles to building a stable democracy.

The National Dialogue Commission is primarily used as a tool to avoid, prevent, and resolve conflicts.

Ethiopian News Agency