Ethiopia Secures 4.2 Billion USD In Remittance


Addis Ababa  July 22/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia has secured 4.2 billion US Dollar in the form of remittance during the concluded fiscal year.

The Ethiopian Diaspora service deputy Director Mohamed Idris said the participation of the Diaspora in the concluded Ethiopian fiscal year has been encouraging in every sphere.

The changes that Ethiopia has been through were the main reason for the Diaspora to join their hands together and stand firm for the best interest of their homeland, he pointed out.

The Diaspora has been heavily active in investment, trade, national issues and implementations of development projects among others during the stated period as the remittance from the Diaspora obtained was exceeded the plan.

He said the nation has secured 4.2 billion USD in the form of remittance during the fiscal year while the plan was to earn 4 billion USD.  

The Diaspora also contributed 1.5 billion birr for the realization of national projects and to support the needy people in the country.

The deputy director has also praised the Diaspora community for the firm and unwavering support in time of need at the global stage and informing the international community about the realty on the ground in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian News Agency