Nation Collects More Than 336 Billion Birr Tax During Concluded Fiscal Year


Addis Ababa July 19/2022/ENA/ Ministry of Revenues disclosed today that it has collected over 336 billion Birr tax in the just concluded 2021/22 Ethiopian fiscal year.

The revenue collected showed an increment of over 57 billion Birr when compared with last budget year, Minister of Revenues, Laqe Ayalew  said.

Moreover, some  93.53  percent of the income has been secured by collecting more than 336 billion Birr tax out of the planned 360 billion Birr, he added.

Out of the total revenues, over 196 billion Birr was obtained from domestic taxes and 140 billion Birr from foreign trade taxes and duties.

The Ministry of Revenues, which was tasked to achieve the efforts of Ethiopia to build a national tax administration in 2022 and cover national expenditure with its own income, has successfully continued to strengthen its ability to collect revenues, it was indicated.

It was also pointed out that the revenue collected during the year can be considered as better as it is carried out with a number of challenging situations where many institutions in the country are out of business or limited their activities due to the conflict in various part of the country.

Ethiopian News Agency