House of Federation Approves Regulations


Addis Ababa July15/2022/ENA/ The House of Federation has approved a revised draft regulation on implementing the proclamation on powers and duties of the House, and a regulation on subsidy budget targeted to meet limited objective and federal infrastructure allocation fairness monitoring system today.

The regulations were approved unanimously.  

The regulation for the implementation of the function of proclamation is believed to enable the House of Federation to properly exercise its power and function.

Similarly, the regulation on subsidy budget and federal infrastructure distribution fairness is targeted to ensure fair allocation of resources and correct implementation gaps regarding the budget allocation.

Accordingly, the regulation is targeted to strengthen equality and unity among the people and create fair development opportunities.

Speaking during the occasion, House of Federation Speaker Agegnew Teshager said the  regulations are pivotal toward ensuring fair allocation of resources in general and limited subsidy among regional states in particular.

Ethiopian News Agency