President Urges Nat’l Dialogue for Creating Consensus, New Social Contract in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa July 15/2022/ENA/ President Sahlework Zewde said that National Dialogue will have immense role in creating consensus and new social contract in Ethiopia.

National Dialogue Chief Commissioner, Professor Mesfin Araya along with other commissioners briefed the president today on the activities of the commission working to bolster national consensus.

The president said Ethiopia's national reconciliation platform is overseen by Ethiopians  a way to create lasting peace and a new social contract in the country.

She underscored the responsibility given to the Commission and the hope thereof is huge, adding that the members have a lot of duties in the future.

President Sahlework also said the National Dialogue is an Ethiopian process conducted by Ethiopians by employing and exploring the experiences of other countries.

The president lauded the preparation phase the Commission has been undertaking, reaffirming the readiness the government to provide the necessary assistance.

She also indicated  the role communities, moderators, journalists, religious leaders and all Ethiopians have for  the success of the dialogue.

Acknowledging that Ethiopia has been currently experiencing--i.e. political, ethnic and   security polarizations, president Sahlework said that the national consultation project requires a lot of work to realize its mission.

The president stressed that decent political and dialogue culture is key for conducting  consultation in Ethiopia.    

To build peace and envision a strong nation, Ethiopia needs to reach a consensus, the president underlined.

On his part, National Dialogue Chief Commissioner, Professor Mesfin Araya explained about the exploratory phase and the subsequent preparation and implementation process that would be implemented over the next three years.  

The chief commissioner added the commission has also held discussions with key stakeholders, regional governments and others. He  added that this national reconciliation platform is  open to the public.

The commission is currently under preparation phase and will complete this phase in the next two months, Mesfin pointed out.

Ethiopian News Agency