Foreign Affairs State Minister Stresses Need for Reactivating Ethio-Sudanese Joint Committees


Addis Ababa July 14/2022/ENA/  Foreign Affairs State Minister Tesfaye Yilma underscored the need to reactivate Ethio-Sudan joint committees to continue dialogue to resolve differences based on existing structures and mechanisms.

He told ENA yesterday that Ethiopia and Sudan have many joint committees that should be reactivated to resume dialogue following discussion of the leaders of the countries.

“We have existing mechanisms. There is no new thing that we will create. We had border committee, technical committee, special committee, and ministerial committee. We have many committees. It is all about reactivating these committees. So, there is no need to form new structures, we have to work based on the existing ones.”

The leaders of the countries have opened the way for dialogue to resolve the differences and using existing structure and mechanism is important to achieve this, he elaborated.   

“The big thing is reaching agreement on the fact that dialogue is the way forward to resolve differences and then working on that,” the state minister underscored.

Ethiopia’s principle of resolving differences through dialogue with other countries, especially with neighboring countries, aligns with international principle, Tesfaye  stated, pointing out that the country has even resolved decades-old standoff with neighboring Eritrea following the reform in Ethiopia.

According to him, Ethiopia is committed to building peaceful relations with neighboring countries and strengthening bilateral relations.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Sudan’s Transitional Sovereignty Council Chairman Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan have discussed at the recent IGAD summit about resolving Ethio-Sudanese differences, particularly the border dispute and GERD through dialogue, and strengthening bilateral relations.

Ethiopian News Agency