Enemies Working to Obstruct Ethiopia from Utilizing Its Resources: Chief Government Whip


July 09, 2022 (ENA) The current challenge Ethiopia is facing stems from the desire of internal and external enemies to obstruct the country from benefiting its natural resources and development, Chief Government Whip Tesfaye Beljige said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, he said internal enemies that aim to dismantle and destabilize the country and external forces are working in collusion to achieve their goal.

Tesfaye noted that people who have nothing to do with politics are being killed and displaced by extremist and terrorist groups with the objective of creating divisions among communities.

According to him, Ethiopia has untapped natural resources and its enemies want to prevent the country from exploiting its resources and becoming a powerful country.

Many of the problems in Ethiopia at this time are related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which is built with the intention to lift citizens out of poverty and ensure mutual benefit among countries, the Chief Whip elaborated.  

He pointed out that the enemies are waging psychological war, creating false narration on security forces to achieve their mission.

The Chief Whip stated that the government has been working to ensure peace and stability in the country, but the people and government need to stand together without giving their ears to divisive agendas.

When tragic situations arise, the first thing to do is not to be divided but stand together to defend the enemy, Tesfaye stressed.

Noting the remarkable achievements made over the past four years, the Chief Whip said the country needs the support of all partners in order to sustain the reforms in political, economic and social sectors.

He added that members of the House of People's Representatives will visit their constituencies to assess peace and stability, inflation and good governance, among others, in their communities  during this recess.  

During his recent discussion with members of the House of People's Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on the parliamentarians to find out the situation on the ground and provide input for the government.

He further noted that Ethiopia is now battling against hybrid war that consists of information warfare and diplomacy, among others.

The hybrid war against the country includes cyber, information, and other coordinated attacks.

Ethiopian News Agency