People, Government of Ethiopia Always Give Priority to Peace: PM Abiy


July 07, 2022 (ENA) The people and Government of Ethiopia have always given priority to peace, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed noted today.

Responding to the question about the decision by the ruling party to hold peace talk with the terrorist TPLF, the premier told the House of People's Representatives that the Ethiopian people and government always give priority to peace.

This was manifested even before the terrorist group attacked the Northern Command, he explained.

Therefore holding peace talk is consistent with our policy and the interest of the people. But it would strictly adhere to the national interest of the country, the premier stressed.

"Our enemies are using these internal forces to harm our country," the PM said, adding that whether "we decide for peace or for war, it would always be based on our national interest."

Abiy pointed out that "we are ready to sacrifice our lives if Ethiopia's unity and interests are in danger."

There is nothing wrong with the Prosperity Party deciding to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, but the process will determine whether the peace talk will succeed or fail.

Ethiopian News Agency