Ethiopia in “Gray War” Waged by Enemies: PM Abiy


July 07, 2022 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that Ethiopia is now battling against gray war, consisting of information warfare and diplomacy.

Responding to a question raised by the members of parliament (MPs) today regarding the recent massacre committed by terrorists, the Prime Minister said the gray war is mostly waged as part of global information war against Ethiopia.

According to him, this gray war against the country has included cyber, information and other coordinated wars.

The prime minister explained that the gray war is an information war that caused the killings of innocent civilians intended to dismember the country.

“For example, if there is a killing planned for next day in a kebele of Welega, Oromia Region,  the media outlets in many countries know this and produce reports on casualties immediately.  Even before we are going to hear the information and deploy the security force, there are forces to exacerbate the situation.”

Abiy underlined  the information war is orchestrated and puts Ethiopia to be challenged a lot.

“The Gray War, which is part of the information war and is very organized, it is difficult to easily prevent this to the country,” Abiy noted.

He added that enemies of the country are using various means to destroy the unity of Ethiopia by using domestic anti-peace forces.

In this regard, they are trying to incite confrontation between Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups  as well as religious conflicts.

He asserted that despite all the pressures and wars are being waged against Ethiopia, adding that Ethiopia will never be defeated  by those dark forces.

He further stated that a strong security institution is being built to protect the existence of  the country, adding that the government's defense and preparedness measures have been strengthened to thwart the planned attacks on Ethiopia.

Acknowledging Ethiopia is facing tremendous challenges, Abiy reaffirmed " but there is no force that can stop us moving ahead." 

Ethiopian News Agency