Role of AU as Facilitator of Peace Process in Ethiopia Very Important: Canadian Law Expert


July 02, 2022 (ENA) The role of the African Union as facilitator of the peace process in Ethiopia is “very important more than ever,” a Canadian international criminal law expert told ENA.

The Executive and the Central committees of Prosperity Party have also recently stressed the need for the role of the African Union as facilitator of the process in accordance with the principle of African solutions to African problems.

John Philpot said that the Government of Ethiopia maintains control over the peace process with the African Union.

“I think it's very important that it be an African issue. In the statement of the Executive Committee and the Central Committee of the Prosperity Party, they are very aware that the crisis was imposed from outside,” the expert noted.

The problem of having the European Union and the United States or other people is that the agenda of the colonialist and neo-colonialist powers will be imposed on this process and this is inappropriate, he stated.

For Philpot this is an African issue. “The role of the African Union is very important more than ever,” he underscored.

Moreover, the expert said that the priority is of course to avoid war and to resolve differences   between the different actors in the country.

“I am aware of the process which is necessary and your government has placed a priority on the peace process; and avoiding war is extremely important and the foundation of this process.”  

He pointed out that the Government of Ethiopia is capable of handling the issues despite various challenges.

“I think it (the process) is a very positive process which is fraught with risks. Fraught means full of risks. There's lots of risks but I think your government is capable of handling the issues with extreme care and maturity.”

Philpot stated that this is an approach which is necessary, and Africa is coming out of a difficult period and hopefully with the GERD and other aspects and other international relations the country will be able to develop.

On other hand, the law expert underlined that the West has to respect the sovereignty of African countries and the choice made by the government with the African Union to proceed in this way.

Speaking about the National Dialogue in Ethiopia, he said it is very important to have a national dialogue.

According to him, “It's important that the communities which take part in the National Dialogue are represented by the people and not by their extremist leaders because most people are not extremists. Most people don't hate someone else because they're a member of such a group.”

Ethiopian News Agency