ECSOC Contributing Share to Success of National Dialogue: Director


Addis Ababa July 1/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) is contributing its share to the success of the National Dialogue that aspires to ensure lasting peace in the country, Director of the council said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, ECSOC Director Henok Melese said the council has been participating in the process since the drafting of the National Dialogue initiative in order to enhance the contribution of civil society organizations in the process.

According to him, the council has been making consultations with member organizations and the National Dialogue commissioners to set a framework for the role of civil societies in the dialogue.

ECSOC has also been striving to share experiences of other countries to learn about the role of civil society organizations in National Dialogue, he added.

Henok further stressed the need for solving political problems and other differences through discussions.

The director expressed his hope that the new way (National Dialogue) would provide vital solution in maintaining peace and stability.

Despite its being new to Ethiopia, dialogue is common in many countries across the world, he noted, adding that it can be the new way of political culture to solve  problems through dialogue and consultation in building the nation.

Noting the general public is the owner of the issue, all sectors of the society need to take part in the dialogue as it has vital role in creating national consensus.

Henok finally urged all the pertinent bodies, including the government as well as political parties, to be tolerant to the ideas of others and use dialogue to solve differences.

Over 4,000 civil society organizations are members of the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council.

Ethiopian News Agency