Omo Kuraz III Inauguration Demonstrates Potential to Complete Delayed Mega Projects, PM Abiy

Omo October 14/2018 The inauguration of Omo Kuraz III sugar factory demonstrated governments potential to shortly complete the delayed mega projects over the years said, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Omo Kuraz III sugar factory, which was built by 290 million USD loan obtained from China Development Bank, officially inaugurated today by Premier Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki, President of the State Eritrea. “Not only we can dream building mega projects but also successfully complete like the sugar factory we are inaugurating today,” Abiy noted. Stating that there had been challenges in completing mega projects on time, the Premier said, “Now the problem seems to be alleviated and we need to march forward.” Omo kuraz sugar factory, which will produce 8,000 to 10,000 quintal of sugar a day, will serve as best development corridor for the region, he added. Abiy said “We need to invest more on exponentially exploiting the national potential related with commercial production like sugar, rice, sesame, wheat and maize.” President Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea who attended the inauguration ceremony as guest of honor said,” This is an eye opener for us on what we can do and achieve.” Isaias added that the fruitful completion of Omo Kuraz III sugar factory teaches everyone to unleash potential. Stating that with rapid population growth rate in East Africa, Isaias stressed countries to focus on regional development spheres. Ethiopia Sugar Corporation CEO, Endawek Abite said sugar projects have created job opportunities to 65,000 citizens of which 14,500 are in the Omo project. The CEO added that the project has facilitated in constructing many public service infrastructures including health, education and provision of clean water. He called upon the government to support in facilitating the completion of the remaining projects under Omo Kuraz III. Omo Kuraz III produces three types of sugar with modern technology targeting the global market demand. The inauguration of Omo Kuraz III Sugar Factory raises the number of sugar producing factories in the country to eight, according to Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.
Ethiopian News Agency