Internal, External Actors Trying to Foment Ethnic Division to Destabilize Ethiopia: PM Office


Addis Ababa June 30/2022 /ENA/ Internal and external actors are jointly trying to foment ethnic division among communities in Ethiopia to destabilize the nation, Prime Minister Office Press Secretary, Billene Seyoum said.

The Press Secretary made the remark today in her media briefing organized for foreign media correspondents based in Addis Ababa.

During her briefings, the Press Secretary provided insight into the overall current peace and security situation in the country among other things.

Bilene expressed deep sentiment of sadness at the recent loss of innocent lives; barbaric act by terrorist organizations against civilian population noting that the act should be greatly condemned.

"What Ethiopians need as a country of 110 million people not fall for the agenda of organized destructive forces, it requires the silent majority to actively demonstrate unity where Ethiopian enemies are actively working for discord."    

Updating the current peace and security issue in related to the attacks by the terrorist Shene on innocent Ethiopians, the press secretary said the Ethiopian federal police is currently undertaking investigation for further details on what transpired and how transpired.

She added that it is important to be cognizant of the fact that there are actors that are trying to foment divisions along ethnic and religious lines to put pressure on the government so as to serve other agenda they have in the pipeline.    

Following the last week's attack, the Ethiopian Federal Police has been reinforcing response operation against OLF Shene, she said.

“It is important to highlight that this is not an isolated incident; it has been purposely designed to foment deep divisions between ethnic oromo and ethnic Amhara that in unity toppled TPLF hegemony. It has been purposely designed and communicated in a manner to anger citizens in Amhara region while victims of the attacks comprise of ethnic Oromo, Amhara and Gumuz.”

The architects of ethnic strife including with foreign masters know which strength to pull with decisive fabric that they were weaving in the past 28 years; they are trying to create instability in Ethiopia, she stated.

Bilene further said that the National Security Council had set direction two months ago to undertake various rule of law enforcement and terrorism countering measures. Therefore, the security sector is acting accordingly.   

She emphasized that peace and security remains a key agenda and priority of the government.   

Regarding the peace process, she recalled that the Prosperity Party has passed a decision to resolve the war in the northern part of Ethiopia through peaceful talks and the federal government is very consistent in promoting peace.  

With commitment for peace, the government has made numerous calls for the TPLF to lay down arms and avoid bloodshed, she said "it is with this continued commitment to peace that the ruling party's executive committee had established another committee to explore the prospect of peaceful resolution of the conflict."   

This is due to the fact that Ethiopian government has always preferred peace but it had been forced to enter in the conflict, the Press Secretary underlined.

The government and people of Ethiopia would like to end this trajectory chapter in history and move on forward, she said adding that there is a need to avoid further bloodshed, suffering and misery due to the conflict.

The government would like foster national consensus through national dialogue, she stated.        

Ethiopian News Agency