There Shouldn’t Be Confrontations between Ethiopia , Sudan Because of External Pressures: PM


June 29, 2022 (ENA)  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said there should not be confrontations between Ethiopia and Sudan because of external pressures.

In his twitter message delivered in the Arabic language, the premier noted that the people of Sudan and Ethiopia are brothers.

Undoubtedly, there are many problems between Sudan and Ethiopia. But "we must intensify and cooperate in confronting and solving these dilemmas," Abiy added.

"For us, our choice is peace between our two peoples, and our two brotherly countries. Our choice is for mutual trust to prevail between us."

The PM pointed out that "there are many who want us to slip into each other's fight. But these parties --- whether they are governments or others --- will not reap any benefit from fueling strife between our two peoples."
Abiy further underlined that there should not be confrontations between the two countries because of external pressures.

"We have to control ourselves and to be restrained for the sake of our common interests and the principles of good neighborliness."

According to him, there should be no enmities between Sudanese and Ethiopians. "Rather, we must be partners in development, and rise together."

The premier said, "We have all respect for the brotherly Sudanese people. We believe that Sudan and Ethiopia are capable of solving all the problems and difficulties they face in the spirit of lasting brotherhood and good neighborliness."

Ethiopian News Agency