Int’l Media Partial in Reporting Conflicts in Ethiopia: HoF Governance Program Coordinator


June 29, 2022 (ENA) The way the international media, mainly some Western media, report conflicts in Ethiopia favors terrorist and rebel groups and are exaggerated, Governance Program Coordinator at the House of Federation (HoF) said.

Speaking to ENA, the coordinator, Bizuneh Assefa, noted that some of the Western media focusing on mainly conflicts while reporting about Ethiopia.

Worse than that, their reports are partial, favoring terrorist and rebel groups as well as escalating conflicts in the country, he added.

“The media should be impartial, independent, and play constructive role in reporting evidence based information,” Bizuneh stressed.  

Reports of those media outlets about conflicts in Ethiopia are, however, exaggerated,  misinforming and not constructive.

“So, the way their reports are totally unacceptable and not helpful, especially with regard to conflict transformation and peace building in Ethiopia.”

The local media should, therefore, play a counter balancing role through evidence based reporting on the ground, the coordinator underlined.

Evidences reveal that the majority of reports being broadcast by some international media houses about Ethiopia’s current situation are unbalanced, unfair and entirely biased as they don’t try to  address the government side of the story and make efforts to understand the objective realities on the ground.

Ethiopian News Agency