Prosperity Party Vows to Intensify Law Enforcement Measures against Terrorists and Agents


Addis Ababa June 22/2022 /ENA/Law enforcement measures against terrorists and agents which threaten national security will continue unabated in every part of the country, Members of the Executive Committee of Prosperity Party (PP) said.

PP Executive Committee Members Girma Yeshitla and Fikadu Tesema told ENA that effective law enforcement measures were taken in accordance with the decisions passed by the National Security Council.

They pointed out that the law enforcement measures addressed demands for peace and security by the public.

The measures also diminished the capability of agents of enemies of Ethiopia.

Attack in any part of the country against citizens is the issue of all Ethiopians, the officials said, adding that in the light of this the recent attack by the terrorist Shene in Oromia region showed that the group is enemy of the state.

Therefore, the Executive Committee has set direction that the law enforcement measures against all illegal forces throughout the country will be intensified, they stressed.

The terrorist group Shene is an enemy of the state that does not represent any ethnic group or religion, the executive members said, urging the public to join hands and eliminate it.

They further stressed the need for the cooperation of the public to consolidate its cooperation with security forces.

The barbaric attacks on civilians and terroristic activities in various parts of the country are aimed at dividing Ethiopians and obstructing the nation’s journey to prosperity. However, their dream of dismantling the country won’t be realized, they stated.

Government Communication Service Minister, Legese Tulu said on his part that the law enforcement has registered outstanding results and it will be strengthened.

The measures taken by security forces, following the attacks by the terrorist Shene, have resulted in the elimination and capture of many of them, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency