Ethiopia Pledges to Increase Women Participation in UN Peace Keeping Mission

The government of Ethiopia has pledged to increase the participation women in UN peace keeping in line with secretary general's initiatives on ‘’Action for Peace (A4P) on Women, Peace, and Security.

The Embassies of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkiye, and Australia have jointly held a seminar on Tuesday in Addis Ababa on International Day of UN Peacekeepers 2022, under the theme: “Women in Peacekeeping: A Key to Peace”.

Speaking at the event, Director General for International Organization, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Ayele Lire said Ethiopia recognizes the indispensable role of women in UN peace keeping and supports the efforts toward increasing their participation in peace keeping operation.

It is undeniable that more women in peace keeping means more efficiency in  the peace keeping operations, he said, adding that increasing the number of civilian and uniform women in peace keeping at all levels and in key positions is very important for the success of any peace keeping mission.

“In this regard the Ethiopian government has pledged to increase women participation in the UN peace keeping in line with Secretary General's initiatives on ‘’Action For Peace (A4P) on Women, Peace, and Security’. Towards meeting this commitment, currently close to 12 percent of women peace keepers are serving in Ethiopian peace keeping contingent,” he said.

He noted that in every country woman who constitutes half of the societies have vital contributions in every achievement of the society.

There is no doubt that women peace keepers play a key role for success of any peace keeping mission despite the domain is still predominantly occupied at each level by men, the Director General stated.

"We are indeed proud of being leading contributors of female peace keepers to the UN peace keeping missions. We continue enhancing the participation of our women in the military, police, and civilian components of the UN peace keeping."

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Ethiopia, Djibouti, and African Union, Al Busyra Basnur on his part said it should be acknowledged that the UN peace keeping mission become not only a flagship, but also a critical tools that has been playing pivotal role in maintaining international peace and security.

Since first established in 1948, UN peace keeping missions have deployed more than one million personnel women and men that served in 72 UN peace keeping missions.

This annual commemoration is indeed to pay tribute to the global of uniform and civilian personnel including more than 400 peace keepers who have sacrifice their life in their global duty, the ambassador pointed out.

It shall also be recognized that women have become increasingly needed, part of the peace keeping family, making operation more effective, he said.  

"As mainstreaming women participation become an important national agenda, Indonesia is also committed to enhancing the participation of female personnel in UN peace keeping missions as well as promoting the role of women as agent of peace.”     

Indonesia is currently participating in six UN peace keeping mission in Africa which total number of over 1400 including 74 female personnel.

As member of the international community, MIKTA countries are also always committed to contributing to the world peace and security including through participation in UN peace keeping mission, ambassador Basnur added.  

Ethiopia’s peace keeping contribution to the UN mission dates back to 1950 when Ethiopian contingent deployed to Korea.

Since then Ethiopia has participated in 11 peace keeping mission in Kongo, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia Côte d'Ivoire and recently in Darfur and Abiye. Currently Ethiopian peace keeping contingents are serving in South Sudan and Somalia.

Ethiopian peace keeping contingents have earned recognition not only from the UN, but also from the societies they served during their missions for their diligent discipline and humanity oriented services even in the difficult situations.

Ethiopian News Agency