Horn Countries, China Commit to Pursuing Peaceful Settlement through Dialogue: Joint Statement


June 21 ,2022 (ENA)China and Horn of African countries have expressed willingness to demonstrate political will to manage differences and disputes between countries of the region.

In a joint statement participants of the China-Horn of Africa Peace, Governance and Development Conference issued today, they pointed out that they are willing to demonstrate political will to take confidence building measures, manage differences to ease the security situation in countries of the region.

In their statement the participants also emphasized to uphold the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and security to maintain peace and security in the region and build a region where the guns are silenced for sustainable peace.

The parties also expressed readiness to step up high level of engagements and exchanges at all levels to enhance mutual political trust and keep improving relations among the countries in the region.

All sides have reaffirmed respect for each other’s sovereign and territorial integrity, respect for countries’ independent choice of development path, values and social systems, according to the statement.

It further stated that the parties remain committed to peaceful resolution of regional problems independently, while supporting multilateralism and opposing unilateral sanctions as well as external interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region.

Realizing that security, development and good governance challenges require a holistic approach, the joint statement said the parties stand to sustain regional integration by enhancing connectivity.

The parties agreed to promote exchange and experience sharing on good governance to increase the synergy of the development policies of the countries of the region, explore the way to settle disputes in an effort to foster a development environment for solidarity, stability and harmony.

Moreover, the countries of the region commended China for initiating the outlook of the conference and committed to actively participate in implementing the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative.

The parties further called on the international community to enhance partnership with the Horn of Africa to collaborate on the needs identified by the countries of the region for development assistance, increase accessibility and diversity of development financing and make greater contributions to Africa’s independent and sustainable development.

China reaffirmed its readiness to align the Belt and Road Initiative and implementation of the outcomes of FOCAC meetings with the development policies of the countries of the region and deepen cooperation in various areas.

Finally, the parties called on the international community to work together towards the peaceful resolution of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ethiopian News Agency