Ethiopia's Stability Should be Maintained, US Congressman Tim Burchett Says


June 18, 2022 (ENA)  US Congressman Tim Burchett has said that Ethiopia’s stability, as an important partner in the region, should be maintained.

The Congressman made the remark during his meeting with the Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States Seleshi Bekele.

In the occasion, the ambassador explained to the Congressman about the efforts of the government to tackle humanitarian needs of those affected by the conflict in Northern Ethiopia as well as natural disaster.

The ambassador also informed the Congressman about Ethiopia’s endeavor in boosting wheat production using irrigation technology in dry areas, and explained that due to the drought conditions, millions need assistance.

Congressman Burchett expressed his awareness of the natural disaster in the region and emphasized on the support of the international community, including the US, in alleviating vulnerability in the region.

Ambassador Seleshi also briefed the congressman about the negative effects that the draft bills (HR 6600 and S 3199) at the US congress will have on Ethiopia’s peace and stability as well as the adverse effects of the suspension of Ethiopia from the AGOA initiative on poor people in Ethiopia, especially women.  

The Congressman for his part stated that Ethiopia’s stability, as an important partner in the region, should be maintained.

He also expressed his commitment to work closely for a more constructive engagement.

Ambassador Seleshi Bekele has also met and discussed with Congressman Buddy Carter.

Ambassador Seleshi briefed Congressman Carter on the current situation in Ethiopia and the Government’s measures to facilitate humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

He described about Ethiopia’s endeavors in renewable energy production, which was of interest to the Congressman, who sits on the House Committee on Energy & Commerce.

Ambassador Seleshi also explained Ethiopia's perspective on the counterproductive draft Bills (HR 6600 and S 3199) introduced at the US congress, as well as Ethiopia's unjust suspension from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) program.

The ambassador, in this regard, stressed that Ethiopia’s eligibility to AGOA preferential trade Act should be reinstated as its suspension is harming ordinary Ethiopians and putting companies, including those from the US, out of business.

The congressman expressed his understanding of the Ethiopian situation and affirmed that Ethiopia’s stability is important in the region and reaffirmed his commitment to work for the strengthening of the diversified ties between the two countries.

Ethiopian News Agency