Some 65 Industries Affected by Conflict Start Production in full Capacity: Ministry

Addis Ababa June 17/2022/ENA/ Ethiopian Ministry of Industry disclosed that 65 of the 190 industries damaged due to the conflict in the northern part of the country have started producing at full capacity.

The ministry has presented its 10 months performance report to the House of People’s Representatives on Thursday.

Industry Minister Melaku Alebel on the occasion said research-based work has been carried out to support industries affected by the war ignited by the terrorist TPLF.

Accordingly, out of the affected 190 small, medium and large industries, 65 have started production with full capacity.

Moreover, 103 industries have started partial production and 22 industries suffered so much that they have not been able to start operation.

“Some 65 of the 190 small, medium and large industries affected by the conflict have started producing at full capacity, 103 partially and the rest 22 are damaged so much, unable to start operation, needing further support.”

The ministry is working on ten initiatives, including the "Let Ethiopia Produce Campaign", the industry policy review, and the production of uniforms and footwear for the security forces aimed at saving foreign currency by replacing import products, creating market linkages and job opportunities.

According to him, by canceling agreements to import uniforms and footwear for the security forces, there is an order of 2.3 billion Birr that will benefit some  29 industries.

Work is also underway to locally produce shoes and bags for students and 800,690 pairs of shoes have already been delivered to students in the Addis Ababa City Administration and surrounding schools.

Members of parliament raised questions on how to permanently address the input problem to industries, strengthen raw materials supply and industry linkages.

Melaku said 55 percent of the problems facing the manufacturing industry are related to the supply of inputs.

The minister mentioned about the ongoing efforts to enable the manufacturing sector to play a leading role in economic growth.

Ethiopian News Agency