Nigeria, Ethiopia Working to Increase Investment: Ambassador Adeleke

Addis Ababa June 15/2022/ENA/ Nigeria and Ethiopia are working to strengthen their relationship in investment in a win-win situation, Nigeria's Ambassador to Ethiopia Victor Adekunle Adeleke said. 

After the high-level exchange of visits by the leaders of the two countries, the bilateral relations of Nigeria and Ethiopia are growing.  

“We are working towards increasing relationship in terms of investment in Ethiopia by Nigerians and investments in Nigeria by Ethiopians in a win-win situation. So, we are matchmaking the chambers of commerce of both countries so that businesses can talk to businesses,” Ambassador  Adeleke told ENA.

According to him, the big cement manufacturer, Dangote, and the lubricants producer Lubcon that operate in Ethiopia are among the huge Nigerian companies which play critical role to the economy of the country.

Nigeria also seeks to expand its relations in the transport sector and the creative arts in order to create linkages, thereby creating  jobs, he indicated. 

Strengthening the relationship between Ethiopia and Nigeria is crucial for both countries and Africa as Nigeria and Ethiopia are the first and second populous countries in Africa, with Nigeria being the biggest economy in the continent and Ethiopia the political headquarters of Africa, the ambassador elaborated.

For Adeleke, Ethiopia is also critical to unite Africa as a political seat of the African Union and Nigeria has strong principles for peace and security of Africa.

Nigeria’s policy puts Africa’s peace and security, which are critical for development, as its core principle; and believes that Ethiopia has a fledgling democracy that needs stabilization.

The ambassador finally noted that “proudly as Africans, we look for African solution to African problems.”

Ethiopian News Agency