France Supporting National Dialogue, Peace in Ethiopia: Ambassador Marechaux


Addis Ababa June 15/2022/ENA/ As a long standing partner of Ethiopia, France supports all activities conducive to peaceful settlement of disputes in Ethiopia, French Ambassador to Ethiopia Remi Marechaux said.

Speaking to ENA, the ambassador said the decision made by the Government of Ethiopia and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed must be supported.

“As a long standing partner of Ethiopia, we remain available if there is any request from the Government of Ethiopia or any other actor (to support the dialogue). What is clear for us is that this national dialogue is very useful because there are many questions to be discussed among Ethiopians,” he added.

Ambassador Marechaux recalled that France has recently provided training for potential actors in  the national dialogue to enable them conduct successful and inclusive national dialogue.

“Recently, we provided training for potential actors (participants) of the national dialogue. The training was given to members of regional parliaments, federal parliament, and mayors. The training was technical, not political so as to help the actors go in details of the potential solutions.”

The ambassador finally stressed the need for inclusiveness of the national dialogue to become fruitful.

The National Dialogue Commission established on February 21, 2022 has been carrying out preliminary work for the holding of inclusive national dialogue that arrives at national consensus on key issues and ensure peace in the country.

Ethiopian News Agency