PM Abiy Describes Rumors of Media on Negotiation with TPLF as ‘Myth’


June 14, 2022 (ENA) Rumors that the government has begun negotiations with the TPLF in various countries are “fictitious”, Prime Minister Abiy told members of the House of Peoples' Representatives.

Asked about the rumors about negotiations between the government and the terrorist TPLF, the premier responded that there has not yet been any negotiation.

It to be recalled that rumors have been recently circulated on social media and even on some mainstream media outlets that the Ethiopian government secretly started negotiating with the terrorist TPLF.

"The battle has not been hidden from the public and we went to the forefront by declaring  that war had broken out  against our country. And to bring about peace, we do not need to hide."

He also pledged that such development on the peace process will be disclosed to the public as negotiations are not made without public knowledge.

"When we say we want peace, we are not saying that we will negotiate in secret; because any secret negotiation will not bear fruit." 

However, the government is working to address the issue in a sustainable manner and maintain peace in the interest of the Ethiopian people, the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Abiy said that the government has set up a committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen to determine preconditions by which peace deal can be held in a manner that safeguards the national interest.

Attributing the war in Ethiopia was inflicted by  the TPLF due to its regret and inability to accept its political defeat, he underlined  that the "TPLF had been preparing for war while we were engaged in development endeavours, and that the government had been forced to intervene."

He said the people of Tigray have been suffering a lot since the formation of the terrorist TPLF.

However, he reaffirmed that his government will reinforce its endeavour to build lasting peace in Ethiopia by pursuing peace.

Ethiopian News Agency