Nation Builds 2,150 Schools over Past Four Years


June 14, 2022 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said more than 2,150 schools have been constructed following the reform measures the country has carried out over the last four years.

The Premier made the remark today in his response to question raised by members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

The premier noted the COVID19, the conflict in the North and other global conflicts as well as undue international pressure, which inevitably had a bearing, on the progress the country has made.

Despite these natural and man made challenges the country has been facing over the past four years, the nation has registered remarkable achievements in various development projects for the benefits of the people of the country, the premier stated.  

The premier stated that the nation has built more than 2,150 additional schools during the four years of the reform.  

In addition, more than 15, 000 additional class rooms have also been constructed, to expand old schools, he added.

The nation has also registered remarkable achievement in  school feeding project.

According to Abiy, currently, 1.7 million students are provided with meals two times per day across the nation.

Abiy also said that the government is undertaking the construction of a huge science museum to enable students explore and grow with it from an early age.

Ethiopian News Agency