PM Abiy Says, Reform Letting Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-Telecom Outshine Despite Challenges


June 14, 2022 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed noted that Ethiopian Airlines through the national reform, unlike others across the globe, has not only overcome the pandemic challenge but also outshined in various aspects.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is responding to question raised by members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) today.

The Premier pointed out that Ethiopian has increased its number of aircraft from 100 to 135 and its international destination from 115 to 127 over the last three years.

According to Abiy, the reform has enabled Ethiopian to uplift its revenue from 3.3 billion USD to 4.8 billion USD.

Furthermore, the annual customer accommodation capacity of Bole International Airport has increased from 6 million to 22 million passengers.

Ethio Telecom driven by the national reform is registering growth despite the challenges of conflict, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed indicated. .

Premier Abiy said the reform is bringing remarkable results in various sectors of the economy.

Abiy stated that Ethio Telecom’s customer has increased from 37.9 million to 65.5 million while its revenue boosted from 33.5 billion birr to 55 billion birr showing a 21.5 billion birr increase.

Those remarkable result are registered in spite of the fact that Ethio Telecom is unable to cover some zones and region due conflict, Prime Minister Abiy noted.

The customers of Telebirr, a mobile money service that was launched recently by Ethio telecom, has reached more than 20 million transacting more than 20 billion Birr.

Ethiopian News Agency