World Bank Grants 210 Million USD to Develop Ground Water Resources in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa June 7/2014/ENA/ The World Bank has granted 210 million USD to Ethiopia to develop ground water resources in Ethiopia, according to Ministry of Water and Energy.

The grant will be used to develop ground water resources in lowland and arid climate areas reach with ground water resources in the country.

The fund will be utilized to execute projects designed to enhance drinking water, sanitation and irrigation schemes by developing ground water resources.    

Ministry of Water and Energy will implement the project over the coming 5 years in partnership with Irrigation and Lowland Ministry.  

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The project is expected to benefit citizens residing in lowland areas and arid climate.   

Officials and experts of Ministry of Water and Energy have today held discussion with the World Bank delegation on the planned project.

It was indicated during the occasion that the grant will be implemented after it is signed with Ministry of Finance and enacted by the House of Peoples’ Representative.

The grant is part of the World Bank’s project that aims at developing ground water in the East African region with abundant ground water resources.

Ethiopian News Agency