French Companies Working In Ethiopia to Enhance Participation in Mining Sector

Addis Ababa June 6/2022 /ENA/ French companies are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Mines to further enhance their engagement in the mining sector in Ethiopia, French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Rémi Maréchaux said.

Ambassador Maréchaux told ENA that French companies have already been engaged in geothermal power generation in Ethiopia.

Recalling the recently signed agreement to establish a geothermal power project in the country, the ambassador said that the companies are working closely with the Ministry of Mines to implement the project.

The French Investment Fund has agreed to generate 150 megawatts of power from geothermal.

"The embassy will continue to work with French companies to increase their participation in Ethiopia's potential mineral resources,” according to the ambassador.

“Our companies have already presented in investing in Ethiopia in a field of geothermal electricity production. I recently attended the signature of contract for the building of a plant to produce electricity. We are working closely with the Ministry of Mines in order to implement. The French Investment Fund is about to start the production of 150 MW of electricity from geothermal. We hope that in the future we will be able to continue to use this incredible potential of Ethiopia,”   Maréchaux noted.

The mining gallery organized by the Ministry of Mines and recently opened to the public will be a great success for the sector, he added.

He said “it is a major success to invite everybody to come and visit this place and open it to the public to know the potential in this field.”

Ethiopian News Agency