African Media Houses Urged to Prioritize on Prominent National Interests


Addis Ababa May 27/2022/ENA/ African Media houses are expected to prioritize prominent issues related to ensuring the national interests of their respective countries, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Fisseha Yitagesu urged.

On a talking point he delivered on Turkish Africa Media Conference organized by Turkish Communication Directorate, Fisseha stressed that no media overlooks the national interest of their countries.

He added that African media companies are obliged to ascent on image building and promotion of the national interests of their countries.  

Media outlets operating in multi-national states need to work on further strengthening the unity and diversity among the peoples of countries in which they operate, the CEO of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation underlined.

Fisseha further stated that the terrorist TPLF leadership that assumed political power in the country after the escalation of the cold war era inflicted untold atrocities and devastation in the country as well as in the region during its 27 years of rule.  

May be an image of 4 people and text that says "TÜRKİYE 'AFRIKA MEDYA ZİRVESİ"

He said the terrorist group has continued to defy the rule of law and was marred with widespread corruption and related scandals. however, the group was later ousted from power by the mass upsurge that caused its downfall.

The CEO added that the terrorist group continued to trigger multiple ethnic based conflicts and triggered war in the northern part of the country by launching an attack on the barracks of the Northern Command of the ENDF stationed in Tigray.

Despite the evidence based crimes committed by the terrorist group, Western media outlets and the diplomats of their countries launched a misinformation campaign on Ethiopia in a bid to incriminate the government on crimes that were never committed, the Chief Executive Officer noted.

Stating that in a gross miscarriage of justice, Fisseha said the UNSC has conducted 12 sessions in a single year on issues that are not in its prerogatives but fall under the jurisdiction of the Ethiopian sovereign state.

He added that these media houses conducted a protracted character assassination and defamation on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a legitimate leader of the reformist government.

"Their outputs clearly indicate that they have not been impartial and lacked objectivity in their reports but blindly served the interests of the western powers and the objectives of the terrorist group." 

This could be a lesson for African media centers in that they should strive to promote the national interests of their respective countries, Fisseha underlined.  

Ethiopian News Agency