Telling Lies—the Hallmark of TPLF


Terrorist TPLF, the Ethiopian version of Interahamwe of Rwanda, a replica of the Pol Pot - Ieng Sary, clique of Cambodia, the Shining Path group in Peru and the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka has never acted as a liberation front. The word Interahamwe was first introduced to the Ethiopian public by the mastermind of the group, the late Seyoum Mesfin, during the most contested 2005 National Election of Ethiopia. Terrorist TPLF has proved to be the most notorious repressive terrorist group massacring citizens from Amhara and Afar regions and its own people on day light and destroying the infrastructure facilities built by tax payers’ money and by funds from partner countries and global financial institutions.

Established about 48 years back by self-styled Tigray libration militants who intended to destroy the country in the name of liberation, terrorist TPLF was supported by all those who wished to destroy the country and its people. The social psychology and political strategy of this terrorist group and its allies rests on hallucination of lies about Greater Tigray and the daydream of destroying Ethiopia.

The current political behavior of terrorist TPLF emanates from treachery, demagogic and nihilistic world outlook by which it wishes to deceive its own people and the western countries that blindly trust it to come into their assistance to their containment policy on Ethiopia.

A week ago Debretshion Geberemichael, the terrorist leader called upon all Tigrians to take up arms and get ready for the final battle against the people and government of Ethiopia. Reversing this call in three days, he bragged about “the importance of nation dialogue and reconciliation” to which he has never committed itself. He fabricated all sorts of lies regarding a talk between terrorist TPLF and the government of Ethiopia which vehemently denied the false propaganda of the terrorist group.

Recently the terrorist group claimed that it is releasing ‘the POWs’ in its war against the people and government of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Government Communication Services announced that “those released were not POWs but the families of the servicemen who were randomly rounded up in Mekele and kept under detention for 19 months.”

While the reality vividly shows that there is no blockade on Tigray by the government, the terrorist group has created a blockade on the people of Tigray, hindering the flow of humanitarian assistance through the Abala road in Afar, confining and punishing the Tigray people for crimes they have not committed. If the government were to make a blockade on Tigray, why did the government declare humanitarian truce for unfettered flow of relief food into the region? The inconsistency of creative lies by the terrorist group aired on its media outlets follows contradictory trends in which they utter something only to reverse it on the morrow.

Over the last 19 months, terrorist TPLF has done no important development activity except driving more than hundreds of thousands of youths in a war zone in which they have perished; even now, the terrorist group is mobilizing the entire population of Tigray into the valley of death simply to give a breathing time for the terrorist.

The people of Tigray cherish a high standard of moral values and respect for tradition and religious. However, terrorist TPLF tries to drive a wage between the people of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopians; and it is also busy sowing hatred and animosity among the people who have lived together in peace.

Theft, looting and all forms of lawlessness are rampant in the regional capital and zonal towns. War trumpet and propaganda is blown to the people in the region who are fed up by terrorist suppression.

Mixing politics with religion, terrorist TPLF has played a divisive role among various religious institutions in Ethiopia, forcing them to be divided on ethnic bases. Of typical example is how terrorist TPLF is meddling in religious issues among the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council and various Christian denominations across the country.

In addition, the only ideology that terrorist TPLF knows is the ideology of war and war mongering. In a recent secret zoom meeting it conducted with local and foreign supporters, the terrorist group stressed on a propaganda war on Ethiopia that focused on escalating and intensifying ethnic conflicts, fabricating misleading and false information, finding ways and means to retrigger conflict between the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments through misinformation campaigns, capitalizing on the false narratives of genocide in Tigray in an attempt to falsely prove that genocide has occurred in Tigray.

Terrorist TPLF’s cry wolf narrative on genocide is being fanned against the backdrop of the actual genocide it has conducted in North Gondar, North Wollo, South Wollo, North Shoa and in various zones of Afar. This has been exposed by the reports of independent foreign journalists and political analysts. This truth has exposed the double standards of the international community, which is being manipulated or is deliberately silenced on the wanton massacres that terrorist TPLF has conducted in Gashena, Chena, Kobo, Alamata, Komobolcha, Dissie, Mehal Meda, Galikoma, Mai Kadra and Wolkayit Tsegede and the surrounding districts.

On the other hand, the international media outlets and human rights organizations have been busy preparing false reports that Tigrians were massacred in Tigray while the truth is that research by the University of Gondar has disclosed that terrorist TPLF has killed and buried in mass graves thousands of ethnic Amhara citizens in Wolkaiyet over the last 30 years. Siding with the terrorist group, the international media has always trumpeted all the false stories it has received from the terrorist organization.

It is important to note that terrorist TPLF has a network of spy cells both in Amhara and Afar regions that are busy organizing chaos and agenda setting to preoccupy the government and the security forces of the country. This has been going on through its civil and military mercenaries who also engage in contraband and trafficking of arms and ammunitions to be used by the terrorist hitmen and women operating in the regions.

Terrorist TPLF and its surrogate militants have been collaborating with external forces to incite nationwide destabilization and chaos in Ethiopia. The group is fully cognizant of the fact that it cannot win any war in the Horn of Africa for it is playing subservient role to destabilize the region. It also downplays the positive role that the AU can bring peace and stability in the region and coordinate regional socio-economic and cultural integration.

Terrorist TPLF is out to exterminate its own people at the third round of war it has made public to launch any time; however, its allies and the international media are deliberately mute, not to tell the truth to their audience. As usual, they just side with TPLF. While the terrorist group beats a drum of war to continue with its savage acts to neighboring Amhara and Afar region, where justice is far off—from the international community —to citizens in Amhara, Afar and Tigray.

Ethiopian News Agency