Putin Conveys Congratulatory Message to Heads of State, Government of African Countries


Addis Ababa May 25/2022/ENA/ President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin conveyed congratulatory message to Heads of State and Government of African Countries on the occasion of Africa Day, according to Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa.

In a press release the Russian Embassy sent to ENA, President Vladimir Putin said in his messages that this year marks the 20th anniversary since the Organization of African Unity was transformed into the African Union.

“ Africa Day symbolises the aspirations of your continent's nations to freedom, independence, peace and prosperity,” the press release said.

This event signified the transition of the multilateral pan African structure to a qualitatively higher level of interaction in the political, socio economic and other domains.

Over the last two decades, African states have achieved a great deal through their joint efforts.

It further stated that collective response mechanisms have been put in place to manage local conflicts and crisis situations, various formats of regional integration processes have been consistently promoted.

Africa enjoys growing influence in the world arena, playing an ever-increasing role in addressing important issues on the international agenda.

Russia has always attached particular importance to the development of friendly relations with African partners, the statement said, adding that the 2019 Russia – Africa Summit in Sochi created good conditions for enhancing our fruitful cooperation, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

“We will be able to develop and implement many useful and forward-looking projects and initiatives in a wide range of areas –to the benefit of our countries and peoples and in the interests of greater security and stability in Africa and the world at large,” the statement said.

Ethiopian News Agency