Investigations Reveal Involvement of Terrorist TPLF Behind Conflicts across Country

May 24/2022/ENA/  Investigations have confirmed the involvement of the terrorist TPLF behind the conflicts that occurred in Ethiopia, Ministry of Justice revealed today.

Conflicts and instability have been observed in various parts of the country following the reform in the country.

As a result of the conflict, lives of many compatriots were lost and several people injured, while properties were also damaged and many displaced.

The ministry said that it has been working to make perpetrators of the crimes accountable and  to ensure justice to the affected citizens.

Justice State Minister Fekadu Tsega said the investigations carried out to make the culprits accountable have revealed that the destructive hands of the terrorist TPLF have been behind the conflicts in various parts of the country.

According to him, information and evidences that confirm the support of TPLF in supporting conflicts by providing weapons and finance as well as giving missions.

The terrorist group which has been striving to meet the objective of “dismantling the country which rejected to be ruled by it ” used various destructive ways to destroy the nation.

“When the National Defense Force entered Mekele last year to enforce law in the region, an investigation team had found out evidences and facts that TPLF had been working to dismantle the country by giving missions and assignments with the intention of destroying the nation  unless it succumbed to its rule. TPLF had been behind most of the conflicts to whom it provided   weapons, and to others finance and advice.” 

The state minister pointed out that since the reform the ministry was able to investigate criminals and serve justice in Tepi, Burayu, Addis Ababa, Asosa and other areas.

Similarly, participants of the crimes in Gedeo and Guji as well as Hawassa conflicts had been brought to justice, he added.

An investigation team that looks into crimes recently committed under the disguise of religion and border has also been  deployed to the conflict areas.

Fekadu further stated that efforts are being exerted to hold criminals in Gondar, Debarq,  Worabe, Jinka and Derashe accountable.

Conflicts that had occurred under the cover of religion and ethnicity in different places will henceforth be handled only by the federal government, the state minister said.

In parallel with the effort to ensure justice, traditional reconciliation activities have been carried out. 

Ethiopian News Agency