East Africa Art, Culture Festival Enhances People to People Relations: Deputy PM Demeke


Addis Ababa May 24/2022/ENA/ The East Africa Art and Culture Festival would strengthen people to people relations among the countries in East African region, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has proposed for East African Cultural and Art Festival to be hosted in rotation among countries in the sub regions annually.

Ethiopia is preparing to host the first Art and Culture Festival scheduled to be held  from June 15-20, 2022.

Speaking at East Africa Art and Culture Festival fund raising program on Monday Demeke said Ethiopia’s foreign policy is rooted on relations with neighboring countries.

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He explained that such festival would strengthen the ties between the countries in the region and contributes to the success of Ethiopia's foreign policy.

The East African region should not always be associated with conflict, drought and other hardship; Demeke said adding that it is the responsibility of this generation to change the history of the region by using the its natural resources.

Noting that East Africa is a hub for art, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed the need to work on changing the image of the regions by exploiting art and cultural resources.

“In order to change this image we all are required to make efforts to turn the abundant cultural, arts and other natural resources that we had inherited from our forefathers of the region in to development.”

According to Demeke stakeholder will do their utmost effort to make the festival a success.

Minister of Culture and Sports, Kejela Merdassa on his part said many countries have grown up because of their various traditions and values ​​and have established strong ties with one other.

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He said the festival will play an important role as art and culture is crucial for the region's economic development and it will be a showcase of the existing culture, art and traditions of east African countries.

The six day festival includes exhibitions, musical and arts performances as well as book fairs, and films that depict the overall cultures,  ways of life, values and customs of the participating nations in the region.  

Apart from promoting culture and arts, the festival organized by the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Sports could catalyze socio-economic development and integration of Africa.

Ethiopian News Agency