Terrorist TPLF Attempting to Seize Global Attention by Its False Propaganda of Releasing War Captives

May 22/2022/ENA/ Following the reasons that the global community now understands its real identity, the terrorist TPLF is attempting to seize the attention of international community saying that it is releasing war captives, according to Government Communication Service.

Government Communication Service said in a statement today that the false narration of releasing war prisoners is one of the characteristics that clearly demonstrate TPLF's attempt to cover up its aggressor and destructive identity as well as to appear as if that it is peace-loving.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist and its collaborators had been organizing false information in an attempt to confuse the international community.

TPLF, releasing those that it had forcefully captured from Amhara and Afar regions during its incursion and did inhuman acts, is attempting to scam Ethiopians and the international community saying that it is releasing war prisoners, the statement indicated.  

According to the investigation being conducted by the government, most of the released citizens, who were said to be war captives by the terrorist TPLF, are families of the members of national defense force that had been abducted during the withdrawal of the Ethiopian National Defense Force from Tigray region.

In addition to that the terrorist TPLF had hold hostage civilians from across the country that had been living in Tigray engaged in various works and the group is attempting to gain political benefit by letting these civilians put on uniforms of the Ethiopian Defense Forces and other security forces, the statement added.   

Recalling the recent drum of war by the terrorist TPLF, the statement noted that this is a clear indication that the TPLF is now preparing for another war by diverting its meager resources to the war front to bring additional catastrophe.

The terrorist Shene and other armed extremist groups that have been operating in various areas are also collaborators of this propaganda, the statement added.

The government has found out in its investigation that the terrorist TPLF is working to recruit and train members of these extremist groups in collaboration with the Shene terrorist group in order to carry out its ill mission by organizing and deploying them in the name of war captives.    

The general public, like before, should be cautious of the destructive propaganda of TPLF, the statement urged.

The statement stressed the need for entire people to recall the usual ill intentions and purpose of the false narratives spread by the terrorist TPLF in the past urging the people to be aware of the fact that the fake information being currently disseminated by this group aims at realizing its destructive mission.

Ethiopian News Agency