Ethiopia Seeking Peaceful Means to Reclaim Land Occupied by Sudan: Deputy PM & FM Demeke


Ethiopia is pursuing peaceful means to reclaim its land that has been occupied by Sudan forcefully, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

Presenting the nine month performance report of the Ministry to the parliament, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister underscored that Ethiopia is working hard to reclaim the land invaded by Sudan through peaceful means.

Asked about the occupied lands by members of the parliament, Demeke responded that Ethiopia always prefers discussion to solve the issue amicably.     

He noted that the Ethio-Sudan people-to-people relationship is deep-rooted.

As a result, the two countries have been working together to find a lasting solution to the long-standing border issue, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister indicated.

However, Demeke stated that it is very unfortunate that Sudan breached the demarcation of the border when Ethiopia was engaging in a law enforcement operation in the northern part of the country.

He also blamed Sudanese forces for displacing civilians and destroying property in the areas they have occupied.

He also criticized Sudan for what it is doing to change the geography and demography in those invaded areas saying that “it is totally unacceptable thing.”

As peace is the best gateway to solve the problem, Ethiopia has submitted the case to the international community, including to the African Union, he said.

The invasion could harm the relations between the two countries and cause unprecedented problems, Demeke  said.

Though the international community supports Ethiopia's peaceful stance, it is dragging its feet in condemning Sudan's invasion, provocation and injustice, he said.

Ethiopia has a firm stand to find a lasting and peaceful solution to the crisis; he asserted that the occupied territories will be restored.

Ethiopian News Agency