Ethiopia to Pursue Interest on Red Sea, Expand Port Options in Region: Demeke Mekonnen


Addis Ababa May 17/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia will not continue to be a close observer to issues with regard to the Red Sea, and is working focused on expanding alternative ports in Kenya, Somaliland and Eritrea, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen told the House of People's Representatives today.

To enable this big country with huge population accesses alternative ports, the ministry has designed a geopolitical strategy it has been working to realize.

As a country close to the Red Sea there is no rationale to exclude from being beneficiary of the region, he noted.

Any arrangement that excludes Ethiopia with respect to issues related to the Red Sea is unacceptable, Demeke stressed.

Ethiopia will continue to pursue its interest in the region in a peaceful, cooperative, fair and equitable manner.

The DPM and FM also pointed out that Ethiopia is strengthening its relationship and cooperation with Kenya and agreements are underway to strengthen border security, infrastructure and trade ties.

Supply of electric power to Kenya will start at the beginning of August, Demeke disclosed.  

The Lamu project is the other major infrastructure that will serve Ethiopia as an alternative port to its export-import, he stated, further recalling that a joint center has been set up to handle the trade exchange between the countries.

He further said the growing relation and cooperation of Ethiopia and Kenya in different sectors will benefit the people of the two sisterly countries socially and economically.  

Ethiopian News Agency