House of Federation Stresses Need for Enhanced Inter-Governmental Relations

Addis Ababa May 17/2022/ENA/ A consultative meeting held among judicial bodies today emphasized the need to further enhance Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR) in order to resolve issues.

The House of Federation conducted the meeting on ways of further enhancing the Inter-Governmental Relations (IRG) with the judicial body.

House of Federation Deputy Speaker, Zahra Humed told ENA that the consultative meeting is aimed at bringing the judicial bodies closer and exchanging experiences as well as facilitating the formation of a National Judicial Relations Forum.

Strengthening the Inter-Governmental Relations is instrumental in facilitating multi-sectoral development and good governance activities by integrating and combining the capabilities of all the bodies at each and every level in an appropriate way, instead of exerting isolated efforts.

According to her, practicing IGR will have paramount importance in resolving issues arising among government institutions through consultation and building one political and economic community.

Zahra stressed that IGR between the federal and regional states as well as among the regional states should be carried out in strict adherence to the principles of respect for the supremacy of the constitution, equality and mutual respect, and fostering or developing the national vision and values.

The System of Inter-Governmental Relations (IRG) proclamation stipulates that relations should be established in National Legislatives’ Relations Forum, National Executives Relations’ Forum, National Judicial Relations’ Forum, National Sectoral Executives Relations’ Forum, House of Federation and Regional States Relations’ Forum, and the Regional Relations Forum.


Ethiopian News Agency